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What Is Legal’s Finest?

Legal’s Finest is a leading referral and awards service for domestic and international lawyers worldwide. We specialize in only profiling one attorney and their law firm per key practice area and jurisdiction, to avoid all competition and repetition. Companies and individuals are able to locate and contact award winning lawyers instantly without having to spend time or money researching and taking away any trust issues. Legal’s Finest distributes publications worldwide which are very useful tools for companies, directors, investors, banks, accountants to have all these lawyers on hand, we also update the legal community with live news and events from all over the world.

How Do I Become A Member Of Legal’s Finest?

Legal’s Finest in an invite only service, you cannot pay or sign yourself up without being nominated by our in house council. If successfully chosen members will be sent an invite and a certificate to join. However you can recommend an attorney or law firm to us via email and this will be put forward to our in house council, if you would like to do this please send your recommendation to

Who Uses Legal’s Finest?

Over 95% of Legal’s Finest registered users and visitors are Business, company directors, investors, high earning individuals, accountants, banks, in house councils and legal advisers. All of our visitors are looking to find legal advice and partners to represent them, or help them with relevant business overseas. We specifically target these people all year round to get maximum referrals and results for all of our members.

How Does Legal’s Finest Promote And Market Attorneys And Law Firms?

Legal’s Finest works very closely with search engine campaigns via Google, Bing, Ask etc worldwide. It’s the only network to run an SEO campaign on every profile created for its members. We invest highly each year on these projects as they target the relevant calibre of people we are looking to target on a worldwide scale. We also take a more direct approach via our monthly newsletters, they are sent out to over 17,000 individuals and companies including directors, investors, banks and accountants. These newsletters are adapted to each jurisdiction and practice area to gain maximum referrals and exposure to the relevant audience. In more recent years we have built up a Social Network audience of over 16,000 individuals and companies. With social media being the future of marketing we have gained hundreds of referrals for our members via email campaigns, connecting and tweeting relevant people and bringing them together to create new partnerships. All new members feature on the homepages of our website and social media walls to create an initial impact to all of our subscribers straight away.

How Does Legal’s Finest Select And Nominate Its Members?

At the beginning of every year we send out a survey to over 20,000 relevant people per jurisdiction to recommend certain law firms and attorneys. We also carry out the same process in August of every year for the second phase of nominations. From the results given back our in house council spend 6 months going through all of the candidates before selecting just one attorney and their law firm to represent a key practice area in their jurisdiction. The decisions are made by taking into account recent cases, awards and the attorney and law firm as a whole. The in house council is made up of legal network experts, directors, bar association heads and companies worldwide. Once the successful candidates have been passed through to the council the successful attorney will receive a personnel invite to a profile on the Legal’s Finest website.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask at