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The Ultimate Annual Guide sent worldwide broadcasting the worlds finest law firms and attorneys across the globe, get your copy now!

The guide is distributed annually to over 100,000 relevant individuals and attorneys worldwide which includes some of the largest companies and the biggest legal events. This A5 Guide is the essential tool in any business and law firm.

Each profile contains all the necessary information and details with regard to both the legal expert and their law firm. This will include a profile photograph, law firm logo, all contact details with a full written editorial provided by the individual lawyer’s regarding various points to include recent case histories and the full services they provide.

The Legal’s Finest Handbook is one of the most useful tools a company or organisation can have. Worldwide the handbook is used by Company directors, accountants, banks, In House Councils, investors, high earning individuals and the general populous. Each profile represents just one lawyer and their law firm per practice area within their jurisdiction. This way it makes it easier than ever for the handbook readers to find the relevant top law expert very quickly and efficiently, with the added peace of mind that the attorney and law firm listed are amongst the most prestigious in the world.

The handbook is very quick and easy to use as well as being easily available. Legal’s Finest now distribute worldwide in hard copies with digital copies available via the website, social networks sites for download and available to purchase from various e-tailers