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Legal's finest 200 awards

Official 2016 List Now Released!

The Worlds 200 leading lawyers in their chosen practice areas and jurisdictions in one place and chosen by you!

Legal’s Finest 200 is our selection of two hundred of the most prestigious lawyers and law firms in the world. Our in house selection team spends a full twelve months taking all the nominations on board from the profiles we have listed within the Legal’s Finest directory, awards they have achieved over the year and recommendations by other attorneys and law firms.

Legal’s Finest 200 promotes the top two hundred lawyers within each arena, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the USA. From this we are then able to produce our Global 200, which are all selected by an expert panel who take into account all the nominations from our other publications to find the very best from across the world.

The publication recognises the top 200 attorneys across the globe in their chosen practice areas and jurisdictions. The awards are handed out on merit, expertise, value and quality of the service and not on the size of the law firm in anyway.

The nominations are made by over 42,000 relevant individuals, companies, directors, investors and network leaders as well as the voting system through our website. The votes are combined with evidence, articles, past client reviews and even previous awards from our selection team before a final 200 winners list is brought forward to be distributed.

Legals finest 200
Please see below the official 2015 Legal's Finest 200, these are the elite selected attorneys across the globe in their jurisdictions and practice areas. To contact an attorney for your business or case you can do directly through the profile or contact Legals Finest on +44 (0)121 663 1613 for an introduction:

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